Black Bean Orzo Salad

I got this recipe from a friend (Shoutout to Aaron) who, I think, got it from his mother. It taken from a whole sheet of vegetarian recipes that I’ve included below.

Undocumented Projects

I haven’t gotten around to writing about everything I have going on. So this will be a brief list of some other things I’m doing.

Superbowl Food

I have a guilty pleasure of making party/snack foods. I can’t help it. It’s fun.

Low Powered Cluster Project Part 1

So this project wasn’t planned out, it was just a vague idea, then I saw somebody selling these computers on Ebay for cheap, I bought some and the project started.

My House’s Network

I thought I would document how my house’s network is set up. It’s nothing special or interesting except for the whole thing is relatively cheap.