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by Max Farrior


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I have a guilty pleasure of making party/snack foods. I can’t help it. It’s fun.

I’m not a photographer nor a food blogger, so not all the pictures look appetizing. Trust me though, the food looked, smelled, and tasted fantastically in person. I wouldn’t share the recipes if they weren’t delicious!

You cook the ribs in a slow cooker, with no liquid. I was skeptical, but it’s completely fine. It’s also fine to cut your ribs into pieces so they fit in your slow cooker. After four hours, the meat is incredibly tender. Then apply the BBQ sauce and finish it in the oven so the sauce is ‘baked-on’.

I’ve made these before for another Superbowl event and they were really popular. Seriously, they were the fist thing completely gone. It might have been my slowcooker (I used an older one), but the smokies on the top layer needed some extra time. Addictingly delicious!

This one is a little unusual, but still turned out great. Corned beef is also one of my favorite foods, which is why I decided to make it. This goes really well with Rye Triscuit crackers (pretty much any Triscuit variation works).

Budget Bytes is one of my favorite food blogs and this salsa recipe is great. I’ll be honest, the color doesn’t isn’t great (it’s a greenish brown) but it’s really great. Tastes like regular salsa, but roasting the ingredients first adds some extra flavors in.