Max Farrior
by Max Farrior


  • Music

What I Played

  • Logic - Bobby Tarantino
  • Logic - Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever
  • Justice - Woman
  • Frank Ocean - Blonde

What I Kept

All of these albums are going to stay in my library except for Sour Soul.

What I Thought

First off, Logic is the MAN. Has definitely earned a top five favorite artist spot from me and that’s not a light compliment. He’s just.. so.. good.. and real.. all.. the.. time..

IV by BADBADNOTGOOD is the first album I’ve heard from the group, but I love it. Sour Soul had so much potential, but fell flat. I’ve had a hard time figuring out exactly why. The music is good, having raps over the music works. Ghostface’s voice sounds good. But I just can’t get into it. It’s not bad. I really want to love this but can’t.

I’m so out of the loop. Justice released a new album! It’s incredible! I can talk a lot about Justice. Their sound changed since their first album, but their groove hasn’t. They’re really good and this album is top notch.

I need to give Blonde a few more listens. I have mixed feelings. This is the first Ocean album I’ve listened to. It’s.. ehh. It doesn’t capture my attention. One exception though. Track 10 Solo (Reprise) which features Andre 3000. Andre absolutely kills it. This is probably my favorite single song that I’ve heard in the last six months. 10/10.