Home Automation - Part 1

I am diving deeper into a smaller project that I started earlier. First, I wanted a way to be able to control the lights in my house. Particularly the outdoor lights. and second, I wanted something that would handle turning these lights on and off automatically.

Magic Mirror #2 - PIR Sensor

After building a larger Magic Mirror, I thought it would be very cool if the Magic Mirror application would normally be off, but turn on when somebody stands in front of it.

Low Powered Cluster Project, Part 3

Backpacking - Appalachian Trail from HWY 19E to Carver’s Gap

Magic Mirror #2

After I completed my first Magic Mirror project, I really wanted a larger one. The first one was kind of a proof-of-concept. Now that I successfully built it, I wanted to make a better one. A bigger mirror, a better frame, an actual Raspberry Pi. So with the knowledge I gained making my first, I started planning my second Magic Mirror.