Making Ethernet Cables

Photo credit Unsplash

Max Farrior
by Max Farrior


  • networking

I actually started this a long while back and never finished. I bought a box of bulk Cat6 cable and some RJ-45 connectors and I borrowed a friend’s crimper tool.

For some reason I wasn’t very successful. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but I remember it being a lot more work than I thought, I had to return the crimper and I never came back to this.

Well, on a whim, I bought a crimper and a cable tester. This time around, it really wasn’t too bad. Tedious, yes, but I was able to manage. Things went much more smoothly after after the first three or four, I found a rhythm.

From last time, I already had a bunch (quantity sixteen) of roughly ten foot cables that were unterminated. Plus a few other smaller lengths. I went ahead and put connectors on all the cable I had. Each cable takes about eight to ten minutes to complete. I dedicated about 45 minutes a day for about a week to get everything done.

Hopefully, I won’t need to buy Ethernet cables any time soon.